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Hello and welcome my name is Janet van Aardt and I am an official, passionate agent for HealthSil.

Please read my testimonials below of people that I know personally who have had positive experiences with this amazing natural powder.

To buy the product, please send me an email or phone me on the following number…

Cell - 082 251 9271

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Some of my Stories

1. My friend was bitten by a spider on her left upper arm. Was very unpleasant and painful with swelling, redness, gland under her left arm, resulting in no sleep. Amazing healing results obtained, when I treated my friend's arm with a solution of Healthsil mixed with ointment which when applied to the bite gave her almost instant relief!! Two days later the arm was back to normal...........

2. My pet dog was stung by a swarm of bees whilst I was at work during the day. Numrous stings all over her face, resulting in extensive swelling of the eyes, nose and tongue. Arrived home at 17h30, I immediately mixed a teaspoonful of Healthsil with water into a plastic syringe and dosed the dog as well as mixed another teaspoonful of Healthsil into her food wet food. Within two hours, the swelling was better and the dog could open her eyes day the dog was 100% normal.............Healthsil, absolutely remarkable!!!

3. An elderly gentleman who was visitng his friend over the festive season arrived in an awful state of ill health, suffering from skin cancer on his head, tips of ears, nose, hands and pretty badly on other parts of his body. He also suffered from Gout. Discussed the benefits of Healthsil with him and he immediately bought the powder and proceeded to take the Healthsil on a regular basis. Also treated the open sores on his skin with the powder daily. After a week the terrible discomfort of Gout disappeared and the sores started healing. When the elderly gentleman was due to leave 6 weeks later, he had healed completely and looked the 'picture of health'!!! Amazinag powder......Healthsil!!!!

4. I was involved in a head-on collision 9 years ago. Obtained extensive internal and external injuries to my head and body. After several operations and some years later, I was still suffering the after effects of that horrific accident (in spite of wearing my seat belt), experiencing lower back pain, both knees badly hurt, discs in my neck pushed out of alignment, disc in my middle back cracked, Asophagus burst and in shreds requiring four laser operations and a stent later, have been on Healthsil for one year, am enjoying a much better lifestyle and can actually walk without pain!!!! In fact, I lead a very active lifestyle and am totally self sufficient.....thanks to Healthsil....and that's not not taking all those Chronic medications anymore!!!!!

5. I was unfortunate to become involved in a fierce dog fight, which resulted in being bitten very badly on my right arm (a deep wound)....had to be stitched up and given injections and anti-biotics. Had to go to the doctor daily to have the wound cleaned and "dressed". On the second day, I had a high fever (38 degrees), bad swelling of the hand and arm, redness and a swollen gland under my right arm spent a very restless night. Doctor cleaned and 'dressed' the wound again and gave me another injection and told me that he would have to cut-away some of the wound as it it started discolouring. I told the doctor that I was not going to have a piece of my arm cut away and that I would go home and treat the wound myself. Went back home and lay down to try and rest for a while. By midday, I got up and removed the dressing, cleaned the wound again and applied a solution of ointment with a half teaspoon of Heathsil powder and made it into a paste form, which I applied to a piece of gauze and plastered it onto the open wound. By that same evening, I noticed the fever and swelling had gone down and I was able to get a full nights rest..........within a week the wound was almost closed and the discoloured skin was healed and a normal colour again.........needless to say, I kept treating the wound daily with the paste containing the Healthsil and I was able to return to work again...........thanks to the healing properties of Healthsil (on the inside and outside)...........!! The scar is barely visible!!!!!.........Incredible Healthsil.....

6. Although, just a brief statement I'd like to mention, is that during the one year that I have been taking the Healthsil organic supplement, I have been truly cleansed of all the harmful toxins I was carrying around in my body for so many years, which made me feel constantly tired, uncomfortable bloated feeling, had reached the weight of 71kg (far in excess of my normal body weight of 55kg). Having taken the Healthsil for the first 3 months at 2 heaped tablespoonfuls in half of glass of fat-free milk on an empty stomach in the morning and another 2 heaped tablespoonfuls in the early evening two hours before supper, I have shed the excess kilograms and am back to a size 34!!!! Feeling like a million all the compliments from everyone who sees me!!! Without even dieting and exercising!!!!....Unbelievable..............

The above is only but a few of the referals I have experienced so far, as each day I am being told of numerous benefits of the power of Healthsil organic supplement.

I will be adding to this list as the stories come in from my new friends that I am making while introducing them to this wonderful means of improving their health.

I can also help you to become an agent if you wish?